External Publications

The QCPR has been involved with two external studies that have published several articles.

Genetic risk factors for cerebral palsy

The first project investigated some specific genetic associations with cerebral palsy. They published a study protocol in 2010 called 'The Australian cerebral palsy research study - Protocol for a national collaborative study investigating genomic and clinical associations with cerebral palsy' that included 840 children with cerebral palsy and 1320 children without cerebral palsy.

In 2011 they published a case control study called 'Fetal and Maternal Candidate Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Associations With Cerebral Palsy: A Case-Control Study' that investigated single genetic changes called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) that had previously been reported as associated with cerebral palsy. You can also look for a more comprehensive but not well referenced description of SNPs.

In 2013 a further paper was published called 'Genetic and clinical contributions to cerebral palsy: A multi-variable analysis' examining the interactions between SNPs in children with cerebral palsy and whether their mother also carried that SNP or whether their mother had infections during pregnancy.

CP Child

The second project that the QCPR has assisted with has produced many papers but only two have specifically recruited through the register.

In 2010, a paper was published called ‘A prospective, longitudinal study of growth, nutrition and sedentary behaviour in young children with cerebral palsy’.

In 2013 a protocol paper was published called ‘Australian Cerebral Palsy Child Study: Protocol of a prospective population based study of motor and brain development of preschool aged children with cerebral palsy’.

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