Welcome to the Queensland Cerebral Palsy Register


The Queensland Cerebral Palsy Register (QCPR) is a standalone service, separate from all other services, research and funding organisations. It includes data from people with cerebral palsy living throughout Queensland regardless of the organisations with which they may be associated.

It was established in 2005 to collect data on the population characteristics of people with cerebral palsy in Queensland. The information we gather will be used to investigate the causes of cerebral palsy, find ways to prevent cerebral palsy, continually improve practice and interventions, and help to plan services.

The purpose of the QCPR is to collect, analyse and present information that provides a picture of people with cerebral palsy in Queensland and to link those registrants who give consent with research projects they could participate in. This information is useful for:

• Describing the population of people who have cerebral palsy in Queensland, including regional grouping, abilities and birth histories.

• Researching the causes, impacts and interventions of cerebral palsy for clients, families, service providers and funders.

Aims of the QCPR

These are to:

1. Describe the number of people with cerebral palsy in Queensland, their functional abilities and general geographical distribution.

2. Provide a useful collection of data that will assist service funders and service providers in designing systems to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy in Queensland.

3. Provide a useful collection of data that will inform people with cerebral palsy and their families about the scope of cerebral palsy in Queensland.

4. Provide a database of information useful for research into the causes of cerebral palsy and future prevention.

5. Collaborate with other CP registers in Australia to provide the best possible source of information about cerebral palsy in Australia.

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