Government Programs in Queensland

The QCPR will provide information on government programs that are available to people who have cerebral palsy. We will progressively add items as we become aware of them so please keep coming back to this site in case we find a program that you do not know about.

The Better Start Initiative

You may be unaware of the federally funded Better Start Initiative, a program for children with cerebral palsy and/or other specified conditions.

Children aged under six years of age who are registered with the Better Start Initiative can access up to $12,000 in federal funding (up to a maximum of $6,000 per financial year) to pay for early intervention services delivered by Registered Better Start Initiative Service Providers (this includes an optional resource component). To maximize use of the funds, children should be registered with Better Start Initiative before the age of six years.  However, if they have missed the registration deadline, they should contact Carers Queensland to discuss their options.  To register your interest or seek clarification about your child’s eligibility, you can contact Carers Queensland by telephone on 1800 242 646 to discuss what assistance you could receive and/or visit A brochure is also available at this site.

Children aged less than 13 years can access additional Better Start Medicare items. This includes up to four Medicare rebated diagnostic sessions with allied health professionals to develop a Better Start Treatment and Management plan by their 13th birthday, and up to 20 rebated treatment sessions with allied health professionals to utilize before they turn 15 years of age.  To clarify eligibility you can visit the Medicare Benefits Schedule website, your local Medicare office, or contact Carers Queensland on 1800 242 646 to source further Carer relevant information.


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